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Clearance Sale! Check out some killer prices on some cool items! Posted on 01 Jul 14:57

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Hey Everyone,


As most of you know we seldom do sales here at DA.  Here's your chance buy some stuff at great prices.


Check back on the clearance page often since we'll be adding more stuff soon!


Have a great Independence Day,

Desert Aircraft

Carbs have been added to the Website Posted on 10 Jun 13:25

Click on the image to go to the carb page
We've now add our carb, throttle arms, and choke arms to the website.
These are the same carbs that come stock on our engines,  They all have the update/modifications that we do to them.
The throttle/choke arms are sold separately.  
The DA 35 choke arm makes a good custom arm for most of our carbs if you need some extra adjustment.

We've added the Anodized carb plates to the website! Posted on 09 Jun 14:52

Click on the picture to go the the product page

So many people have asked us for these we have decided to add the to the website.   These are not an update item.  They are for use on 120's and 200" ONLY!


These plates do help with cowling airflow issues and have alleviated the need to run a tube into the fuse in most cases