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About Desert Aircraft

Desert Aircraft is the industry leader in giant scale model airplane engines. We design, build, and service our engines at our Tucson Arizona factory. With our focus on performance, quality, and customer service, Desert Aircraft engines continue to be the dominate engine for sport and competition flying. 


Why We’re Different

While some companies only assemble outsourced parts, we design, manufacture components, build, and service our engines at our Tucson factory. This unique facility features a state of the art CNC machine shop as well as quality control and R&D departments. We have a passion for model aviation and are proudly the largest sponsor of giant scale aircraft events in the world. Every engine we make is such a labor of love that we feel like proud parents sending our creations out into the world to do amazing things. Our mission is to foster strong relationships with our customers and to provide the best after the sale tech support possible to keep you flying with your, and our, pride and joy. Bottom line - we stand behind everything we do!



DA engines are always designed with performance, reliability, and ease of operation in mind. Finding a balance between all of these qualities is the key to making a great engine. Our R&D department features state of the art diagnostic equipment and dynamometers, as well as engine simulation and design software. We are well known for setting the bar that others are compared to.



The entire staff at Desert Aircraft strives to provide maximum customer satisfaction through our products and our interaction with our customers. Our employees are courteous, professional, caring, and knowledgeable, and the majority Fly R/C in some form. Our team has been together for years and we understand our community. We take great pride in our contributions to this wonderful hobby!