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Service Request Form

When sending an item back to DA for service, we request that a note with the customers contact information and the reason for sending it is included with the shipment. Below we have provided our service request form for this purpose. Fill it out as completely as possible and send it with your engine or ignition. The technician servicing your engine/ignition will use the information to help diagnose any problems that might exist. No return authorization, RMA or notification is needed when sending in a product for service. *CURRENT SERVICE LEAD TIME: 3-4 WEEKS

Download Fillable Service Request Form Here

Shipping Information

All items returning to Desert Aircraft for service should be addressed to the Service Department. Insuring your returning shipment is a good idea. Desert Aircraft is not responsible for damage caused by shipping. Please check our tips for packing your engine to make sure it arrives safely.

Ship to:   Desert Aircraft- Service Dept.

               1815 S. Research Loop

               Tucson,  AZ  85710

How to Pack your Product

When packing your engine or ignition to send back to Desert Aircraft to have it serviced, be sure to use a large enough box and enough packing material to keep the item from moving around inside the box. Pay special attention to fragile areas such as the spark plugs, cylinder fins, and carburetor when wrapping your product. It’s sad to see an engine returned for a small repair, only to receive worse damage during shipping. If it’s possible, use a new box.

Be sure to write: Attention Service Department somewhere on the box. Normally it is not necessary to send your exhaust system or muffler. Most importantly, you must include a note detailing why you are sending the product back to us, including your contact information. Without a note we don’t know who to contact and it will be set aside until someone enquirers about it. We recommend using our pre-made service sheet. You can download it from the “Service Request Form” section of our website or use the form in your engine owner’s manual. Fill out the form as completely as possible. The more information the better. Remember, the person performing the service is most likely not the same person you talked to on the phone, so don’t assume that he knows or remembers why you are sending it in!


Desert Aircraft also recommends attaching tracking to your package. DA does not contact you when your engine arrives to inform you that its here. We will contact your once the engine has been inspected. 



International Service Contact Info






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