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Do-It-Yourself Header Parts

$ 5.00

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KS made do-it-yourself header parts.


In three diameter sizes. 22mm, 25mm, & 28mm. Stainless Steel

  • 90° bend
  • 180° bend
  • Long piece of straight-tube ca. 200 mm
  • Short piece of straight-tube ca. 60 mm


Flanges with and without stubs. 

DA 35/70 w/stub 22mm diameter

DA 60/120 w/stub 25mm diameter

DA 50/100 w/stub 25mm diameter

DA 150 w/stub 25mm diameter

DA 85/170/215 w/stub 28mm diameter

Flange thickness is 4mm.

*Each Silver Solder rod is 500mm long which is enough to do at least two headers. The joints must be soldered using this high temp Silver Solder rod. (Lower temp solders will not work!) This solder is pre-fluxed and works best with a MAPP Gas torch. The joints must be soldered before running so that the joints are clean.