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We've added the Anodized carb plates to the website! Posted on 9 Jun 14:52

Click on the picture to go the the product page

So many people have asked us for these we have decided to add the to the website.   These are not an update item.  They are for use on 120's and 200" ONLY!


These plates do help with cowling airflow issues and have alleviated the need to run a tube into the fuse in most cases

Steve Malisweski Update Posted on 2 Jun 15:42

We are happy to report that Steve was able to visit the shop for the first time since suffering serious injuries 2 months ago while free-riding his dirt bike in Cainville, UT.

It has been a difficult and painful time. Due to the rough terrain, the ambulance couldn't make it to Steve's location so he was then airlifted to a trauma center in Provo, UT. He spent several weeks there while some extremely talented surgeons began the task of rebuilding his legs, ankles, and feet. The list of broken bones is too long to list.

After many surgeries, his body needed time to heal a bit before they could proceed with the next round of surgeries. Since a commercial flight was not possible, a private plane was arranged to fly him back to Tucson to recuperate a bit and be closer to his family before the next round of surgeries. He now has enough metal holding things together to build an engine!

While wheel chair bound for now, he hopes to be able to use crutches soon. He still has a long road of rehabilitation ahead of him but every day gets him closer to walking again and getting his life back on track.

The support for Steve from the Giant Scale modeling community has been huge and humbling! Steve, his family, and the entire Desert Aircraft crew thank you all!



DA's own Steve Malisewski needs our help Posted on 5 Apr 09:06

Hello DA fans,

     Today we'd like to ask for your support for one of our own. You may not know him personally, but if you've flown a Desert Aircraft single cylinder engine in the last 9 years, you're familiar with his work. Steve has built and tested all Desert Aircraft single cylinder engines in that time frame and is an important part of the DA team. He had a serious crash on his dirt bike this weekend and is facing a long recovery. Please consider making a donation to his cause if you are able to. Let's get him back on his feet. Heal fast Steve!


Please click on the the picture below of Steve for a link to a gofundme page.

Toledo Weak Signals 2016 Posted on 16 Mar 15:36

DA is going to be at the Weak Signals April 1-3 

Stop by and say hello.  Or just stop by and check out the new DA120 EFI 

We'll have one assembled on display as well as the throttle body, fuel pump, and ECU separate so you can look at the components.  If you are interested there will be a few for sale at the show.



See you there!

WRAM Show 2016? DA will be there! Will You? Posted on 14 Jan 14:10

Hey Guys/Gals,

DA will be at the 2016 WRAM show in Newark, NJ

Show dates are Feb 26-28 2016

If you want us to bring anything along for you feel free to give us a shout at to reserve your product. The deadline for pre-orders will be February 12th.


For more info check out

Hope to see you there!

Desert Aircraft @ the 2016 AMA expo Posted on 8 Jan 11:53

Hey everyone!


We're here at the 2016 AMA Expo in beautiful sunny (kind of chilly) California!   If you're in the area and want to see some cool stuff while getting warm stop by our booth to say hey and pick up your giant scale engine needs.


FREE SHIPPING on all online orders over $500.00 ! Posted on 31 Dec 13:34

Receive free ground shipping within the USA on all online orders over $500.00 for a limited time!


Are you going to the AMA show? Would you like us to bring something for you? Posted on 16 Dec 14:25

    We'll be heading to the 2016 AMA show in California on Jan 8-10!!!  Will You be there?  Would you like to save shipping fees on products and have them delivered to you?  

    Send us an Email at or call us at (520) 722-0607 to have us bring what you need.  By doing this you can guarantee that your product will be there for you with you're name on it.

    We will be building this list until Jan 6th. 

    You can check out the AMA show details at

Hope to see you there,


Quique Somenzini getting it done with his DA120 and Aura 8 Flight Control System! Posted on 12 Nov 16:53

Tucson Aerobatic Shootout Winners! Posted on 20 Oct 15:29

Congratulations to all of this years TAS competitors 


1st  Place  -  Andrew Jesky

2nd Place  -  Gernot Bruckman

3rd  Place  -  David Moser

4th  Place  -  Kurt Koelling

5th  Place  -  Nicolas Pinzon


1st  Place  -  Gabriel Altuz

2nd Place  -  Gernot Bruckman

3rd Place  -  Jase Dussia


1st  Place  -  Franz Kogler

2nd  Place  -  Jim McCall

3rd  Place  -  John Grabow


1st  Place  -  Alex Dreiling

2nd Place  -  Howard Pilcher

3rd Place  -  Mike Marcellin


1st  Place  -  Santiago Perez

2nd Place  -  Kal Reifsnyder

3rd Place  -  Kyle Dahl


1st  Place  -   Spencer Nordquist

2nd Place  -   Bryant Mack

3rd Place   -   Andrew Taylor