Steve Malisweski Update Posted on 2 Jun 15:42

We are happy to report that Steve was able to visit the shop for the first time since suffering serious injuries 2 months ago while free-riding his dirt bike in Cainville, UT.

It has been a difficult and painful time. Due to the rough terrain, the ambulance couldn't make it to Steve's location so he was then airlifted to a trauma center in Provo, UT. He spent several weeks there while some extremely talented surgeons began the task of rebuilding his legs, ankles, and feet. The list of broken bones is too long to list.

After many surgeries, his body needed time to heal a bit before they could proceed with the next round of surgeries. Since a commercial flight was not possible, a private plane was arranged to fly him back to Tucson to recuperate a bit and be closer to his family before the next round of surgeries. He now has enough metal holding things together to build an engine!

While wheel chair bound for now, he hopes to be able to use crutches soon. He still has a long road of rehabilitation ahead of him but every day gets him closer to walking again and getting his life back on track.

The support for Steve from the Giant Scale modeling community has been huge and humbling! Steve, his family, and the entire Desert Aircraft crew thank you all!